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please comment<333
i don't care about your favorites and i hate your fave-and-runs.

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ETSY UPDATE halloween! by roxaswantsacupcake
ETSY UPDATE halloween!
These items are for sale! ---->[click!]<----

Worked on a bunch of Halloween-themed items the past few weeks. Available for the month of October! After that they're gone!

I freaking love the little ghosts. I may just make more of them. They're too cute. ;-; And they glow in the dark! I'm so happy they glow with the little faces too omg. I can't. I simply cannot.


All items shown here are handmade by me in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, with plenty of love~
My Etsy shop: [link]
ETSY UPDATE sea salt ice cream necklace by roxaswantsacupcake
ETSY UPDATE sea salt ice cream necklace
These items are for sale! ---->[click!]<----

Made some sea salt ice cream necklaces, since the paopu ones were so popular. They're really pretty! They're made from light blue clay with white pearl clay swirled in for a marbleized look. They're sparkly and shimmery~

On the left is the single version, on the right is the split "best friends" version. I hope you'll like them as much as the paopu ones:heart:

On an unrelated note, kind of hate that the keywords/search tags are now "hashtags." Stupid Twitter.


All items seen here and in my shop are handmade in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, with lots of love!
My Etsy shop [link]
for some reason running by roxaswantsacupcake
for some reason running

this is DipsyNoodles' oc alex for this contest thing:
i have no idea why i entered, i just felt like drawing. i don't even know what this contest is about SO AH WINGED IT. i don't care if i win or not; i don't want the prize.
this thing has been sitting on my flashdrive for like a week now, finally uploading it.

i don't know why she's running like fcking sound of music. i was way out of pose ideas last week.

her outfit is a bit different from the design. her original design didn't leave much to work with and i didn't feel like putting... squares? polka dots? i don't know on the skirt, and i also didn't feel like making it hella flipping short. she's 13, so i went with cute-but-modest. it just didn't feel right drawing a sexualized minor. I'M NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON.
and i have no idea what kind of shoes she wears, so i gave her little stubby-heeled ankle boots. iono i thought it was cute.
and and AND i don't know what "diclonius" horns look like. not a single one of the references i found was helpful. they all looked like tiny white cat ears to me so forgive me if i drew them wrong.

i really like the way i colored her eyes. i'm not crazy about this character but i'm so proud of her eyes ;-;


character belongs to DipsyNoodles
artwork belongs to me
Rainbow sprinkles heart necklaces by roxaswantsacupcake
Rainbow sprinkles heart necklaces
These items are for sale! ------>[click!]<------

I need to take more pictures of everything... or retake all the pictures I have. I have to edit everything a lot because of the nasty yellow lights in my house, and editing takes so much time. And I can't get that version of PS on my laptop because it was given to me by a friend and bluh. I just need to retake everything I guess. It's really annoying but there isn't much way around it.

Anyway, these are some necklaces that match the ring I just uploaded
These necklaces are also resin with real sprinkles inside. They're really cute! I made them with extra resin and just kind of went crazy. They are very easy to make (and I mean VERY easy) so I ended up making a lot of these little hearts. So go buy some! Take them off my hands!


All items seen here and in my shop are made in a smoke-free, pet-free environment with love!
My Etsy shop [link]


roxaswantsacupcake has started a donation pool!
50 / 2,000
because i desperately want to change my username ;-;

>100 pts = donations are always appreciated ;-;
100 pts = Sketch, minimal color
400-500 pts = Chibi, full color
500 pts = Top-half of body, full color
750-1000 pts = Full body, full color (depends on how detailed the character is)


commission example chibi 1- peppermint by roxaswantsacupcake

Top half
S'CUSE ME? by roxaswantsacupcake freeway shuffle by roxaswantsacupcake

Full body
smoke by roxaswantsacupcake

1 character per picture please
+1 character = +200 pts added to base price
max 2 characters. any more will take a long time.

no fan art of existing characters. i love OCs only >:I they are unrecognized beauty MKEH? fan characters are welcome.
more details = more headache for me = MORE COST = MORE FOREVER WAIT

I reserve the right to turn down any commission request, for any reason.

-fetish... "artwork"
-anything of a pornographic nature
-canon characters
-mecha/robotic whatever stuff (i'm just not good at it)
-excessive gore (i'm not good at that either)
-animals/pokemon/creatures in their normal form (they will be made human)

currently working on:
1. lol nothing
2. still nothing
3. something. just kidding i lied. still nothing.

Fragrance for Yasextreme213 - (50 pts) - roxaswantsacupcake.deviantart.…

k thx bai

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it's been over a year since i updated this.
 i bet i'll be back again... next summer. maybe.

anyway, got a huge file to upload. MY SHOULDERS HURT SO BAD from coloring.

haha see you next year, self.


horatio jones
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
WILL WORK FOR POINTS OR ART TRADES. see donation/point shit above^

i like drawing shit. and stuff. mostly homosexual males. because shut up

gallery and whole account is full of shiiiiiiiiiiit go look at it :I

i'll love you forever if you COMMENT on anything in my gallery.
favorites mean next to nothing to me. BUT COMMENTS, OH JEEGUS.

check my youtube for random speedpaints


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